Courses I teach

Introduction to Soil Mechanics
Origins and basic properties of soils. Principles of soil behavior under gravity stresses, 1D and 2D flow and one-dimensional compression and consolidation. Shear strength of soils. Ground improvement.
Advanced Soil Mechanics
Advanced topics on flow through soils, consolidation, soil behavior, constitutive soil models, and soil dynamics.
Soil Mechanics Laboratory
Soil description and classification systems. Site characterization. Index property tests for water content, particle-size distribution, and plasticity characteristics. Engineering parameter tests for permeability, one-dimensional compression and consolidation, shear strength, and compaction characteristics.
Introduction to Solid Mechanics
Analysis of stress and strain due to axial, torsional, and flexural loads; beams, shafts, columns. Elastic deformation under axial, flexural, and torsional loads. Statically determinate and indeterminate problems; principles of superposition and compatibility.
Introduction to Geotechnical Applications
Application of geomechanics principles to analyzing and designing foundations and slopes (unsupported and supported). Topics covered in detail include: shallow and deep foundations; unsupported-slope stability; lateral earth pressure theory and its application to basement and rigid retaining walls, anchored bulkheads, and braced excavations.